Cape Malays…

and their Heritage

Self-Empowerment: Strand (1838 – 1840)

Posted by tahirfarrath on February 1, 2010

(History of Muslims in South Africa)

Just relating the stories is liberating…

As early as 1800 there had been a settlement of Malay slaves who had escaped from Cape Town. The first Imam died in 1838. 21 Imams have been listed since 1824 and a host of personalities who gave their service to the Muslims of the Strand (Mosterd Bay). The first place of worship was the Market Street Mosque. By 1881 the Cape Legislative Assembly passed The Mosterd Bay Crown Land Act to empower the governor of the Cape to grant the erven to the residents of Mosterd Bay who had been staying there for more than sixty years. The town’s Muslim forebears were amongst those who received these erven. Initially, they worshipped their Lord in their houses and later in langars (place for prayer & religious activities). By 1896 a second masjied was a reality at Mosterd Bay. In 1928 a third masjied was serving the community. A fourth masjied was established in 1950.


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