Cape Malays…

and their Heritage

Self-Empowerment: Cape (1844 – 1848)

Posted by tahirfarrath on February 3, 2010

(History of Muslims in South Africa)
1844 – Establishment of Nurul Islam Masjid: third in South Africa

The third oldest masjid in South Africa is the Nurul Islam Masjid situated in a small lane off Buitengracht Street in Cape Town. It was founded in 1844 by the younger of Tuan Guru’s sons, Imam Abdol Rauf and is situated about 100 meters from the Auwal Masjid in Dorp Street. It is not known as to what need there was for this masjid to be constructed so close to the Auwal Masjid.
In about 1830, Tuan Guru’s two sons [Abdol Rakiep and Abdol Rauf] together with Achmat van Bengalen’s three sons [Mochamat, Hamien and Saddik] and Badroen got together and established the Mohammedan Shafee Congregation with Abdol Rakiep [d 1834] as Imam. At this stage the Congregation did not have their own masjid. However, their dream was realised on February 27, 1844 when they took transfer of a property in Buitengracht Street, and converted the front section into a prayer room.

The Nurul Islam Masjid was the first to be founded by a congregation which developed out of friendly-ties which existed among a group of students who acquired Islamic education under the guidance ofImam Achmat van Bengalen. The first imam of the Nurul Islam Masjid was Imam Abdol Rauf from 1844-1859, followed by Imam Hamien [1859-1867], Imam Abdol Rakiep [1867-1905 ], Imam Mogamat [Muhammad] Taleb [1905 1912], Imam Gabebodien [Habib al-Din] Hartley [1912-1939],Sheikh Isma`il Ganief [I-Ian3f] [1939-1954], Imam Armien Basadien [1950-1970], Sheikh Gamiet [Hamid] Gabier [1970-1973], Hadjie MustaphaBasadien [1973-1979], Hadjie Ebrahim Samoudien [d 1979].


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