Cape Malays…

and their Heritage

Self-Empowerment: Cape (1881 – )

Posted by tahirfarrath on March 1, 2010

(History of Muslims in South Africa)

1881 – Establishment of Hanafee Masjid: seventh in Cape Town

Unlike other masajid which were constructed in the periphery of residential areas, the two Hanafi masajid were constructed in Long and Loop Streets where the greatest concentration of Muslims resided. The Hanafee Masjid, at the corner of Long and Dorp Streets is the seventh oldest masjid in Bo Kaap, Cape Town. This was the first masjidconstructed by the Cape Muslims of the HanafiSchool in 1881 in the Cape Colony. This masjidcame into being through the influence of Abubakr Effendi; while the second Hanafi masjid in Loop Street was established as a result of the influx of “Indian” Muslims at Cape Town from 1870 onwards. The Hanafi masjid was also called Jami’ Masjid.

The masjid’s first imam was Imam Achmat Sediek [Ahmad Siddiq] from 1881 to 1903, followed by Imam Ismail Manie [1903-1918], Imam Shahedien [Shahid a]-Din] Dollie [1918-?],Imam Armien Dollie [?-1965], Imam Salie Price[1965-1974], Imam Faried Manie [1974-1977],Hafez Salie Davids [1977-?].


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