Cape Malays…

and their Heritage

Self-Empowerment: Uitenhage (1880)

Posted by tahirfarrath on March 1, 2010

(History of Muslims in South Africa)

1880 – Durban Street Mosque

This Mosque was called the Slumsstraat Masjid because of the number of Muslims who resided in Durban Street. The Mosque was built to accommodate the Hanafi section of the Muslims and Emaam Fiedienie was responsible for its erection. He was the father of Fatima, Zulayga, Moegamat Gasant and Masjieda. Emaam Edries Lukie, the son-in-law of Emaam Fiedienie, became the second Emaam, and he had six children, namely: Aisha, Moegamat Amien, Abduraoaf, Moegamat Salie, Gadija and Roekieyah. Then Abubakr Samaai became the third Emaam, who was the father of Toyer, Oethman, Aisha and Gadija. Gadija married Emaam Amien Connoly of Pier Street Masjid, Port Elizabeth. Their children were Faried, Saliem, Yusuf, Salaama and Moegsieda. Zaynoedien Savahl was the fourth Emaam and he was married to Atta Sagieba. There were no children from this marriage. The fifth Emaam was Abdul Galiek Dollie who was the father of Ganief, Moegamat Zain, Abdulmajiet, Farouk, Anwar, Koelsoem, Roudah and Farieda. Next came Nieftagoedien Jappie as the sixth Emaam. He was the father of Moegamat Rashied, Roudah, Moegamat Baakier, Abduraoaf, Adiel, Faldiela and Wardieya. Emaam Yasin Eelie from Cape Town succeeded as the seventh Emaam and he was instrumental in naming the Mosque as Masjied-ul-Moe’mieneen. The Emaam had six children, one of whom is Mustapha who is still residing in Uitenhage. Sheikh Abu Bakr Mohamed who studied in Mecca for ten years then became the eigth Emaam (Abdul Gakiem Abrahams, 1989?). Other Emaams ensued, including another Emaam from Cape Town. Later on, the Masjid was extended.


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