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Self-Empowerment: Worcester (1885)

Posted by tahirfarrath on March 1, 2010

(History of Muslims in South Africa)

1885 – What are known is that Worcester already had an earlier Muslim slave population and that a mosque was built here in 1885. Tuan Masud among the early slaves forced to work on the farms was buried along the road from Rawsonville.

[Cape Mazaar (Kramat) Society]


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  1. Anver said

    According to the deeds of tranfer dated back to 20 August 1881 on Worcester. Application to build a masjied was on 15 April 1861 and approvement took place 9 May 1878 of which the masjied was completely build in 1880. The first trustees of the masjied was. Saedo Sadan Soleiman , Abdol Bazier, Oowam, Abdol Lefleur, Mogammad Saman, Soleiman Jonie and Talabodien. The masjied first name was Mosliem Shaffite Mosque of which it only changed in 1985 to Worcester Mosliem Jamaa. Imaams over the years was. Imam Sadan Soleiman 1875-1880. Imam Sadan Soleiman is from arab descendants he build the masjied and was also imam in Strand 1869 in Wesley street he was the 4th imam in the Strand. In the Strand history he is known as Sadan Slemmen. Imam Mogammad Saman Sadan Soleiman 1880-1923. He was the son of Imam Sadan Soleiman and also one of the first trustees of the masjied. Imam Mogammad Sadan 1923-1928. He was the son of Imam Mogammad Saman Sadan Soleiman son of Imam Sadan Soleiman. Imam Abdol Kariem Kariem 1928-1946. Its told he is descendants of Imam Abdol Kariem who was imam in Simons town. Imam Abdol Kariem Kafaar. 1946-1960. Imam Kafaar came from Uitenhage. He was also the grandson of Imam Sadan Soleiman his mother Gailati was the daughter of Imam Sadan Soleiman. Sheikh Moegamad Laatoe 1960-1996. Imam Abdol Kariem Kariem was the uncle of Sheikh Laatoe. Sheikh Abubakr Masusa 1996-2001. Various Imams gave Friday ghoetbahs between 2001-2004. From 2004 the current Imam of Worcester Muslim Jamaa Moulana Mohammed Towpha Antar and deputy from 2010 Moulana Mohammed Stephanus. This is only a very short history of Worcester Masjied.

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