Cape Malays…

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Self-Empowerment: Port Elizabeth (1900)

Posted by tahirfarrath on March 2, 2010

(History of Muslims of South Africa)

1900 – Pier St reet Mosque

This Mosque called Masjied-ul-Aziz was completed by the 27th July 1901 on land bought by Abdul Wahab Salie in South End after he sold the Strand Street Masjid in 1900. J.A. Holland drew the architectural work of the Mosque. A sum of 1345.00 pounds was tendered by Messrs Trunick &” Curtis, and it is said that the Mosque was not made Wakf at the time. Initially, the Masjid had a Shafi following. There was a court proceeding, and today, the Mosque is said to have a following from the Hanafi Mathhab. However, whatever transpired more than seventy years ago is now history.

Abdul Wahab Salie was the first Emaam and he was the father of Afieya, Moula, Koebra, Moegamat Tape, Haiem, Gadija and Galiema. The second Emaam was Noorien Connolly who was married to a lady known as Ouma B. There were no children from this union, but had the occasion to benefit from another two wives. His brother, Shieraaj Connolly became the third Emaam. He was married to Biebie Laamie, the sister of Biebie Rasie. Then Emaam Noorien’s son, Amien Connoly became Emaam who was the father of Faried, Salim, Moegsieda and Salama. He died at the age of fifty. The fifth Emaam was Abdullatief Kahaar who was married to Galiema, the sister of Hadji Abduragmaan Johardien. He had four children, namely: Joenain, Gouwa, Fatima and Haaniem.Hadji Igsaan Narkedien or Emaam Saan as he was known was the sixth Emaam and his father was Hadji Achmat Narkedien. He was the father of Ismail, Achmat Razeen and Nakieyah.

This Mosque was the subject of substantial agitation among the Muslim community when a decision was made to build a freeway across it. Then the top section of the Mosque’s Minaret was dismantled. The matter was taken to parliament and armed with a Fatwa from Egypt, the Muslims eventually succeeded when it was agreed to stop the construction over the Masjid. The diversion and uncompleted section of the freeway is still evident to this day (Abdul Gakiem Abrahams, 1989?).


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