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Indian Muslims: Natal (1860)

Posted by tahirfarrath on March 18, 2010

(History of Muslims in South Africa)

1860 – Arrival of first indentured Muslims, including Hadrat B a dsh a h Peer [Rahimahu Allah] in Durban

Further to 1858, the first batch of indentured labourers from India landed at the South Beach [Port Natal, later Durban] on November 06, 1860. They arrived on board S S Truro. Records indicate that of the 342 indentured labourers only 24 were Muslims. Of these 24, only nine remained in the Colony after completing their indenture. Among the 09 Muslims to remain was Sheik Allie Vulle Ahmed [b.1820 in Madras], aged 30, who, it is said, was the sufisaint Hadrat Badshah Peer [Rahimahu Allah] [d 1894], age 74, who lies buried at the Brook Street Cemetery in Durban. Between 1860 and 1861 five more ships with indentured labourers arrived at Port Natal from India. They consisted of 1 360 men and women. The percentage of Muslims on board each ship was ± 12%. The grave of Hadrat Badsha Peer was located in 1895 by Hadrat Soofie Saheb on his return to Durban. During the same year Soofie Saheb built the first mazar on the grave.

The following is the officially appointed sajda khadim [keeper of tomb] of Hadrat Badsha Peer [R.A.]: Hadrat Shah Mohamed Saeed Soofie [1978- to date].


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