Cape Malays…

and their Heritage

Malays of Sri Lanka

Posted by tahirfarrath on March 18, 2010


1505 – 1656: Malays were believed to have been brought to Ceylon by the Portuguese.

1706 – Susuna Mankurat Mas- Ex King of Java landed in Ceylon. Upon his in 1737 at Colombo, his family sent back to Java.

1708 – Javanese Prince Pangeran Adipathi Amang Kurat 111, with family and retinue  was banished to Ceylon.

1722 – 1723: Group of 44 Javanese  including  Princes  and Chief’s sent to Ceylon. Chief Minister  Danuraja  was banished to Ceylon.

1728 – Arya  Mankunegara, a brother of king  Pakubuwana  banished to Ceylon by the Dutch.

1743 – A Javanese  Noble,  Radini Adipati Nata kusuma was banished  to Ceylon by the Dutch.

1745 – Susuna Kuning – King of Java surrenders himself to Dutch  and is banished to Ceylon.

1763 – Formation  of Malay company  consisting of deportees and 31 slaves.

1765 – Arrival of Malay battalion from Batavia  led by Captain Baba Lye with  the intention  of capturing  the Kandyan  capital.

1767 – Batara Gowa Amas Madina 11. The former King of Gowa  was exiled to  Ceylon by the Dutch. The death of the King of Goa in 1795 after nearly 30yrs of life in exile in Ceylon.

1783 – Javanese Pandan Balie donates land in Wekanda, Colombo to build a Malay Mosque. The Mosque was built in 1786.

1798 – 1811: The appointment of a Malay Committee by Frederick North, the first British Governor of Ceylon to inquire into the grievances of the Indonesian Princes and Noblemen.

1834 – 1841: Migration of Malay’s to Ceylon. Total of 332 Malay’s migrated to Ceylon.

1873 – The disbandment of the Ceylon Rifle regiment of Malays.

In 1987, Dr Hussainmiya (a Sri Lankan Malay University Lecturer) published the book “ Lost Cousins “ – the Malays of Sri Lanka.

(Ref: Malay Directory written by Tony. P. Miskin and published in 1990 by the Sri Lanka Malay Association.)

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