Cape Malays…

and their Heritage

Masjids of Zimbabwe

Posted by tahirfarrath on May 5, 2010

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Musani Primary School, Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe. Phone: 0248-2-2131

Musani Secondary School, Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe. Phone: 0248-2-2233


Bulawayo Islamic Society, Basch Street 10th Ave, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Phone: +263-(9) 69758


Islamic Culture Institute, Boeing Rd Ridgeview, Harare, Zimbabwe. Phone: 04-74-0903

Ardbennie/waterfalls Masjid, near ardbennie shopping center, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Haramain Est., Borrowdale Road, Harare, Zimbabwe. +966-5088 88 88 88

Islamic Education Centre, 668 Simon Mazorodze Rd Waterfalls, Harare, Zimbabwe. Phone: 04-61-4004

Crescent College, McCreadie Hse Speke Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe. Phone: 04-75-0425, 773620. The college offers a wide variety of Electronics and Telecommunications courses, as well as Business oriented courses in collaboration with the Islamic Society of Zimbabwe.

Mobeena Ebrahim Primary School, Mcmeekan Rd, MiltonPark, Harare, Mashonaland 263, Zimbabwe. Phone: 263-4 741083


No.1 Masjid. (Lwendulu) c/o P.O. Box 123 Hwange, Zimbabwe. Phone: +263-712621965 /7335. A 200m drive into the village and No.1 masjid will be on your left. Opposite Seventh Day Adventist Church.


Masvingo Islamic Mosque, Robert Mugabe Street, Masvingo, Zimbabwe.


4 Responses to “Masjids of Zimbabwe”

  1. Islamik education center said

    Asalam alaikum,w.w i m doing part of the mozambique maputo,hafizs organisation,nd we tryng to get to knw other muslms organisations to work together ,from hafiz m,ussuman capatia

  2. Achmat Damon said

    Zeenat al-Islam Masjid, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
    Imam: Maulana Nu’man
    Contact person: Mr Nuruddin Cassim, 30 Tewkesbury Road, Montrose, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
    Telephone: 09 263 474770 (home), 09 263 69281 (office), 023406295 (cellular telephone)
    Masjid address: Volshenk Drive (off Reynolds Drive), Barham Green, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
    Built and used by Cape Malay Muslims who had settled there from Cape Town and Kimberley, South Africa, during the early 1900s, this small mosque is otherwise known as the “Cape Malay Masjid”. Although the local people have lost all traces of “kombuis” Afrikaans, good “Cape Malay” surnames such as Cassim and Hendricks abound. A brass plaque says that the mosque library was opened by Boeta Moghammed [sic] Volkwijn. Dhuhr Salāh is done after the (Friday) Jumu’ah Salāh, of all things. The influence of Malawian Muslims has added to this practice. Like many Cape Muslims, men in Barham Green, Bulawayo, grasp one another by the thumb before shaking hands. They have also retained the Thursday evening Ratib al-Haddad dhikrullāh of their forefathers. A lovely garden adds to the serenity of the Zeenat al-Islam Masjid.

  3. Abdullah bin Abdurahman al-Qādirī al-Chishtī al-Athloni said

    Chatsworth Islamic Society
    Chatsworth in the Swartland is off the N7 motorway, and 56 kilometres from Cape Town and 23 kilometres from Malmesbury. Chatsworth is home to some 40 Muslims. The Chatsworth Mosque accommodates approximately 60 men and about 40 ladies.
    Chatsworth Masjid name: Masjid al-Taubah
    Masjid address: Hopefield Road, Chatsworth 7354, Western Cape, South Africa
    Contact person: Imam Achmat Fataar, 604 Edward Road, Chatsworth 7354, Western Cape, South Africa; telephone: 022 4813011 (home), 021 7639305 (work), cellular telephone: 0795170375 / 0837914945 / 0833454470 (old cellular telephone number); E-mail:;
    Contact person and Secretary: Haji Yunus Emeraan, 1081 Edward Road, Chatsworth 7354, Western Cape, South Africa; cellular telephone: 0715296063
    Contact person and committee member: Haji Mogammad C van Rhyn, 791 Chamberlain Street, Chatsworth 7354, Western Cape, South Africa; telephone: 022 4813198
    Contact person: Hajja Ragmah Fataar, 458 Edward Road, Chatsworth 7354, Western Cape, South Africa; telephone: 022 4813010, cellular telephone: 0722219579
    Date posted: Tuesday, 20 December 2011

  4. stryker magatsi said

    Peace be upon u brothers

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