Cape Malays…

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Books/Booklets by South African Muslims

Posted by tahirfarrath on August 3, 2010

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(L-R) Mahdie Mohamed, researcher Mogamat Ganief Kamedien and Mogamad Hartley

(Community News, 21st Edition, May 2008.)

Bibliographies of Bondage: Selective Bibliographies of South African Slavery and Abolition. Robert Carl-Heinz Shell (Editor), Sandra Rowoldt Shell (Editor), Mogamat Kamedien (Editor)

Here is the official launch of this book also titled,”Cape Town the City of Bondage” by Mogamat Ganief Kamedien, a renowned South African Slave researcher at Wynberg High school on the 16th February 2008 under auspices of Cape Family Historical Society.

Index of SA Muslim Authors:

– Somaya Abdullah

. The Shari’ah and the Secular: Shifting Paradigms in Muslim Personal Law in Post-Apartheid South Africa and Prospects for Democratic Change. (2006)

. Islam and Counseling: Models of Practice in Muslim Communal Life

. Islamic Counselling and Psychotherapy in South Africa: Research Analysis and findings

. Multicultural social intervention and nation-building in South Africa: the role of Islamic counselling and psychotherapy

. Religion and social intervention: towards a model for Islamic counselling and psychotherapy

– M. Adil Abu Aa-isha

. Science of Hadeeth: Uloom ul-Hadeeth

. The value of Time

– Sheikh Najmoeddien Alghythie

. Kiessotoel-Iesraaie wal-Mie’raajie (Early Afrikaans,1908 – Arajie Man Lajonggyheb, Hassiem Ebeno Soeabe)

– Selim Argun

The Life and Contribution of the Osmani Scholar, Abu Bakr Effendi, towards Islamic Thought and Culture in South Africa. (2000)

– Shaykh Talieb Baker

. Arabic Phrase Book for Hajj and Umrah

– Imam Mohammed Baker

. Die Heilige’ Qur’an: first Afrikaans translation of the Qur-aan

– Layla Barron

. Scarf Styling

– Sheikh Ahmad Behardien

. Kitaab van Towheed

. Iershaadoel-Oemmah iela Bayaanie Solaatiel Thoehrie Ba’dal Joem’ah

. Kietaab oor die Gaj

. Kietaab oor Toughied (translated to Afrikaans from the Arabic)

. Reply to the History of Hadjie Abdullah

– Gabeba Brown-Hendricks

. Muhammad [S.A.W.] (Activity Book)

– Achmad Cassiem

. Intellectual roots of the oppressed and Islam’s triumph over Apartheid

. The begging bowl: Hunger, starvation, malnutrition & Muslims

. Muslim Struggle Against Apartheid: Neither Oppressed Nor Oppressor Be

. Quest for unity

. Zionist Israel: Hypocrisy Has No Limits

. He is leader of Qibla and IUC (nicknamed “Muslim Mandela”)

– Yusuf Da Costa

. The Honor of Women in Islam (Scholars in Islam Series, Islamic Supreme Council of America, 2002).

. The Muslim Community in Greater Cape Town: Contemporary Assimilation Processes. (SAJS [23(3):73-77, September, 1992])

. Muslims in Greater Cape Town: A Problem of Identity. (British Journal of Sociology [45(2): 233-246, June 1994]).

. Assimilatory Processes amongst the Cape Muslims in South Africa during the 19th century. (South African Journal of Sociology [23(1): 5-11, February 1992]).

. Dhikr and Nafl Salahs

– Yusuf Da Costa, Achmat Davids

. Pages from Cape Muslim History. (Pietermaritzburg, SA: Shuter and Shooter, 1994).

. The Influence of Tasawwuf on Islamic Practices at the Cape. (Cape Muslim History, pp. 129-35).

. Alternative Education. (Cape Muslim History, pp. 53, 55).

– Achmat Davids

. The Mosques of Bo-Kap: : A Social History of Islam at the Cape. (Athlone, Cape: The South African Institute of Arabic & Islamic Research, 1980).

. The History of the Tana Baru. (Committee for the Preservation of the Tana Baru in Cape Town, 1985).

. Politics and the Muslims of Cape Town: A Historical Survey. (Studies in the History of Cape Town, 4(1981), pp. 177-78).

. Muslim-Christian Relations in Nineteenth-Century Cape Town, 1825-1925. (Kronos, 19 [November 1992], p. 84).

. Men of Power and Influence: The Kramats of Constantia. (unpub. mss., pp. 1, 7-8, 13-14).

. The Afrikaans of the Cape Muslims from 1815 to 1915: A Socio-Linguistic Study. (unpub. M.A. thesis, University of Natal-Durban, 1991, pp. 29-30).

. The Revolt of the Malays: A Study of the Reactions of the Cape Muslims to the Smallpox Epidemics of Nineteenth-Century Cape Town. (Studies in the History of Cape Town, 5[1983], p. 67).

. My religion is superior to the law”: The survival of Islam at the Cape of Good Hope. (KRONOS, Vol. 12, 1987)

. The ‘Coloured’ Image of Afrikaans in Nineteenth Century Cape Town. (KRONOS, Vol. 17, 1990).

. Imams and Conflict Resolution Practices among Cape Muslims in the Nineteenth Century. (KRONOS, Vol. 22, 1995)

– Allie Davids

. Al-Athkaar wad Da’waat al-Mustajaabaat (Arwag book)

. The Gaj and Umrah Guide (1997)

– Farid Esack

. Quran Liberation and Pluralism: an Islamic perspective of interreligious solidarity against oppression. (Oxford, 1997)

. On Being a Muslim: Finding a Religious Path in the World Today (Oxford, 1999).

. The Struggle. (1988)

. But Musa went to Fir’aun! A Compilation of Questions and Answers about the Role of Muslims in the South African Struggle for Liberation. (South Africa, 1989)

. Islam and Politics (London, 1998)

. The Qur’an: A Short Introduction. (Oxford, 2002)

. The Qur’an: A User’s Guide. (Oxford, 2005)

. Sex – The Awkward Gift from God. Paper presented at 2nd International Muslim Leaders Consultation on HIV and Aids (2003).

. Islam and Sexual Otherness. Presented at Yoesuf Foundation Conference on Islam in the West and Homosexuality – Strategies for Action (2000).

. He has been a regular political columnist for the Cape Times, Beeld and Burger and a socio-religious columnist for Al Qalam, Islamica, and Assalaamu Alaikum.

. In addition to a number of articles published in different parts of the world, his current research projects include “In Conversation with Progressive Islam: The Struggle for Authenticity, Justice and Belonging” and “AIDS and the Search for an Islamic Theology of Compassion”.

– Abu Bakr Fakir

. The Creed of Islam. (1974).

. Read and Learn Arabic.

. The Manual of Prayer and Fasting (Shaafi with Hanafi).

. Human Rights in Islam (incompleted thesis).

. A Manual on the Hajj (unpublished).

– Sheikh M. Amien Fakier

. Ar-Risaalah al-Mufeedah: A book on general Islamic knowledge (Shaafi’iy)

. Al-Mieftaag (Shaafi Tahaarah)

. Al-Mienhaaj (Iesraa en Mieraaj)

. Akiedatoel-Moesliem (Tougied)

. Risaalatul-Gajj (Gajj, Oemrah en Ziyaarah)

. Al-Irshaad (Sermons and Duas of Nikah)

. The Doe’aas of Arafah, Muzdalifah and Mina

. Al-Murshid (Gajat and Gadat book)

. Raatibul-Haddad (includes ‘Attaas, Wirdul-Lateef, Wird of Hasbunal-laah, etc.)

. The Mowlid of al-Barzanji (includes Aqeedatul-Awaam and Yauma Aashura)

. Al-Hadi (Gadat, Thikr, Du’aas, Riwayah and Qasaaid)

– M. Tahir Farrath

. Kitaabut Tawhiid – Vol.1 Ilaahiyyaat (13 parts, 300 pages –  being revised)

. Kitaabut Tawhiid – Vol.2 Nubuwwaat (40 parts, 1000 pages – being revised)

. Kitaabut Tawhiid – Vol.3 Sam’iyyaat (incomplete)

. Kitaabut Tajewiid (4 phases, workbooks and audio)

. Tilaawatul Qur-aan and the Tahaarah of the Holy Qur-aan (Shaafi’iy and Hanafiy – being revised)

. Ahkaam of Sajedah Tilaawah and Suuratul Faatihah – its importance in Solaah (according to the four Mathaahib)

. Tafsiir of Suuratul Faatihah

. An Introduction to the Different Qiraa-aat

. Haajaat thumma ilaa Arwaah (Arabic Thikr, Transliteration and English translation – being reconstructed)

. Raatibul Haddaad (with Ade’iyyah and Solawaat, Transliteration and English translation)

. Raatibul Haddaad and Raatibul ‘Attaas (with Ade’iyyah and Solawaat, Transliteration and English translation)

. Du’aa-un Kanjul ‘Arsh, Nuur, Jamiilah, ‘Ukaashah, Ade’iyyah bi-Asmaa-il Husnaa

. Mawluudun Nabiy Sharraful Anaam (Birth of the Prophet, an honour to mandkind)

. Mawluudun Nabiy al-Barzanji

. Hajj & ‘Umrah, the Spiritual Journey to ALLAAH (according to the four Mathaahib – being revised)

. 1st Principle of Islam and the Articles of Faith (Vol.1)

. 2nd Principle of Islaam: Tahaarah – Shaafi’iy complemented with the 4 schools of thought (Vol. 2, Part 1 A)

. 2nd Principle of Islaam: Tahaarah – Shaafi’iy complemented with the 4 schools of thought (Vol.2, Part 1 B)

. 2nd Principle of Islaam: Solaah – Shaafi’iy complemented with the 4 schools of thought (Vol.3, Part 1 – a work in progress)

. Basic Madrasah Lessons (Shaafi’iy – Eimaan & Islaam)

. Basic Madrasah Lessons (Shaafi’iy – Tohaarah)

. Basic Madrasah Lessons Supplement (Tohaarah among the Mathaahib)

. Basic Madrasah Lessons (Shaafi’iy – Solaah [work in progress])

. Ablution for Solaah according to the Ahaadiith

. Performing Solaah according to the Ahaadiith and Sunnah

. Touching the Qur-aan (according to the 4 Mathaahib)

. Sunnanul Fitrah (on beautification and self-care)

.  Khutebah a Thikr or Lecture (complemented with the 4 Mathaahib)

. Fasting: A brief overview according the 4 Mathaahib

. A Glance at Zakaah in the 4 Mathaahib

. Halaal vs Thabiha Meat – A Critical Review

. Halaal-Haraam Food and Slaughter (according the 4 Mathaahib)

. Interconnectedness of Qabiilah with Bonds in_Faith

. The Cape Malays…and their Heritage

. Arrogance in Ignorance & knowledge

. Social Life of a Muslim (preparing for publication)

. Developing an Islamic Brotherhood (preparing for publication)

. Regulations on Clothing: Maintaining Modesty & Protecting Chastity (according to the 4 Mathaahib)

. Pre-Marital Relationship in Islaam

. The Obligations and Etiquettes of Muslim Marriages

. Muslim Childhood development to Adulthood (preparing for publication)

. Inheritance summarised according to the 4 Mathaahib

. Guardianship and Leadership in Islaam (preparing for publication)

. Islamic Divorce Simplified (preparing for publication)

. The Islamic principles of Buying, Selling, Hiring  and Banking (preparing for publication)

. Criminal Offences in Islaam (preparing for publication)

. Jihaad: An Inner and External Struggle (preparing for publication)

. Readings in Islamic Social Sciences

. Talks, articles and the Islamic Months

. Utlub-ul-‘Ilm: Getting to Grips with Your Diin in the face of Diversity

. 100 Inspirational Islamic Codes for Life

. Building Your Arabic Vocabulary and understanding (a work in progress)

. Islamic Counselling: Theory and Practice (work in progress)

– Sheikh Omar Gabier

. Ma’rifatu Allah: Knowing about Allah

. Yaseen: The Heart of the Quran

– Shaikh Abdullah Taha Gamieldien

. Kitabol Azkari wal Ad-iyati (Deel 3)

– Muhammed Haron

. Muslims in South Africa: an annotated bibliography. (Cape Town:  South African Library, 1997).

. South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission: An Annotated Bibliography [circa 1993-2008]

. South Africa and Malaysia: Identity and History in South-South Relations (Doctoral Thesis, 2007)

. The Arabic Script in Africa. (AJISS Vol. 27 No. 2 Spring 2010)

. Historical and Contemporary Processes: Three Centuries of NGK Mission amongst Cape Muslims: 1652–1952. (Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, VOLUME 19  Number 1  April 1999)

. South Africa – middle Eastern Relations. (Domes, Vol. 6, 1997)

. Conflict of Identities: The Case of South Africa’s Cape Malays. (Presented as “The Cape Malays: An Imagined Community in South Africa – A Bibliographical Essay” at the Malay World Conference, October 2001. Africa Records and Documentation [forthcoming, UK-2001]).

. Da’wah movements and Sufi tariqahs: Competing for spiritual spaces in contemporary South(ern) Africa. (2005)

. The alternative South African Muslim press: Muslim News and Al-Qalam. (2004)

. The South African Muslims making (air)waves during the period of transformation. (2002/2004)

. Achmat Davids: Select publications. (1999)

. The study of Islam in South Africa. (1996)

. The Muslim News (1973-1986): Its contribution towards the establishment of an alternative press at the Cape. (1995)

. Muslim education: The Sub-Saharan experience. (1994)

. Towards a sacred biography: The life and times of Imam Abdullah Haron. (1994)

. The Muslim News (1960-1986): Expression of an Islamic identity in South Africa. (1993)

. Da’wah amongst the Africans in the Greater Cape Town region. (1992)

. Arabic and Islamic studies in South Africa. (1991)

. Theses on Islam at South African universities. (1991

. The theory and practice of Islamic education with reference to South Africa. (1990)

. Islamic studies at the University of Cape Town. (1989)

. Islamic dynamism in South Africa’s Western Cape. (1988)

. Islamic education in South Africa. (1988)

. Periodicals on Islam in South Africa. (1988)

. Imam Abdullah Haron: Life, ideas and impact. (1986)

. Approaches to the interpretation of the Qur’an with special reference to the question of liberation (1984)

– Fuad Hendricks

. Imam Abdullah Haron: From Martyrdom comes Life

– Sheikh Jamiel Jardien

. Ad-da’waatul Mustajaabaat (The accepted Du’ahs)

– Moulana Yusuf Karaan

. Tuh-fatul Ikhwaan (Shaafi Fiqh – translated from Urdu to English)

. Ma-Aarif-e-Mathnavi (translated into English)

. Stories of the Prophets (translated into English)

. He translated many of Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyya al-Kandhlawi’s seminal works

– Sheikh Sadullah Khan

. Dimensions of the Qur’an

– Mahdie Kriel

. Advice to Hujaaj

. Ziyarat Place

. Basic Islamic Teachings for Reverts & Beginners Book 1 (English/Sesotho

. Basic Islamic Teachings for Reverts & Beginners Book 2 (English/Sesotho)

. Basic Islamic Teachings for Reverts & Beginners Book 1 (English/Xhosa)

. Basic Islamic Teachings for Reverts & Beginners Book 2 (English/Xhosa)

. Basics Book for Reverts & Beginners Book 1

. Basics Book for Reverts & Beginners Book 2

– Yasien Mohamed, Muhammad Haron

. First Steps in Arabic Grammar. JUnior Level – General.

. Second Steps in Arabic Grammar.

– Yasien Mohamed

. The Islamic Ideology of Ali Shari’ati. (AJISS Vol. 27 No. 2 Spring 2010).

. The Path to Virtue: The Ethical Philosophy of al-Raghib al-Isfahani: A translation, with Critical Introduction, of Kitab al-Dhari’ah ila makarim al-Shari’ah, ISTAC, Kuala Lumpur.

. Psychology of Personality: Islamic perspectives, ed. Y. Mohamed and A. Haque, Thomson publishers, Singapore. [copyright, 2009].

. Fitrah: The Islamic Concept of Human Nature.

. The Teaching of Arabic in South Africa.

. Roots to Writing in Southern Africa.

. ‘Two Pillars of Tolerance in Said Nursi in the thought of Said Nursi’. (AFKAR, 6, 225-242, 2005)

. Islamic Philosophy of Labour and Crafts: The view of the Ikhwan al-Safa, Isfahani, and Ibn Khaldun’. (American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, 23 (1), 2006).

. The Classical Islamic Concept of Work and the Craft. (Journal of Semitics, 2006).

. The Metaphor of the Dog in Arabic Literature. (Tydskrif vir Letterkunde, Arabies-Islamitiese Letterkundes/Arab-Islamic Literatures, 45 (1), 75-86, 2008).

– Sheikh AbuBaker Najaar

. I am a Muslim: Part 1 (Hanafi)

. I am a Muslim: Part 2 (Hanafi)

. Selected Stories from the Qur’an

. The Pilgrim’s Companion: Haj-Umrah Made Easy

. Who will save you?: “ALLAAH!” (Cartoon Book on the life of the Prophet)

– Rashied Omar

. Tolerance, Civil Society and Renaissance: A South African Muslim Perspective (Cape Town: Claremont Main Road Mosque, 2002).

. Muslims and Religious Pluralism in Post-Apartheid South Africa. (Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, Volume 22 Issue 1, 2002).

. Religion in Public Education: Options for a New South Africa. Co-authored with David Chidester, Gordon Michell and Rashied Omar. (Cape Town: University of Cape Town Press, 1994).

. Overcoming Religiously Motivated Violence. (Crosscurrents Magazine, Spring, 2005).

. Embracing the “Other” as an Extension of the Self: Muslim Reflections on the Epistle to the Hebrews 13:2. (Anglican Theological Review, Vol. 91, 2009).

. Conflict and Violence: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA’s Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World. (Digital, 2004).

. Opportunities & Challenges for Islamic Peacebuilding after September 11″. (Interreligious Insight: A Journal of Dialogue and Engagement, Volume 1 Number 4. October 2003).

. Islam and Violence. (World Council of Churches)

. Testimonies from a Multifaith Hearing on Conversion. (Lariano (Italy), May 12-16, 2006).

. Hermeneutical Explorations in Dialogue: Essays in Honour of Hans Ucko. (Editors – Anantanand Rambachan, A. Rashied Omar, M. Thomas Thangaraj, ISPCK, Dehli, 2007)

. Religion, Power and Violence: Illuminating the Nexus. (Current Dialogue, Issue 44, December 2004).

. Ta’aruf: Islam Beyond Xenophobia. (Cape Town: Claremont Main Road Mosque, 2008).

– Moegamat Abdurahgiem Paulsen

. The Malay Community of Gauteng: Syncretism, Belief, Customs and Development. (Dissertation, 2003)

– Auwais Rafudeen

. The ‘Aqidah of Tuan Guru (translation of Umm Barahin)

. Towards forging an “African” Muslim identity

. Reflections on Cape Muslim History: the St. Cyprian’s issue

. A Parallel Mode of Being: The Sanusiyyah and Intellectual Subversion in Cape Town

– Shaykh Abdurraghiem Hasan Sallie

. Book on Doas

. Inspirational Supplications (Revised edition of Book on Duas)

. Raatibul Haddaad and the Raatibul Attaas

. Cleanliness Part 1 (Shaafi)

. Cleanliness Part 2 (Shaafi)

. The Book on Tajweed

. Salaah for Beginners (Shaafi – revised edition of the Book on Salaah)

. Salaah Part 1 (Shaafi)

. Salaah Part 2 (Shaafi)

. Salaah Part 3 (Shaafi)

. Janaazah – Burial (Shaafi and Hanafi)

. The Book on Zakaah (Shafi and Hanafi)

. The Book on Fasting (Shafi and Hanafi)

. The Book on Hajj (Shafi and Hanafi)

. The Book on Legislative History – Part 1

. The Book on Legislative History – Part 2

. The Book on Legislative History – Part 3

. A Journey through the World of Belief – A book on Tauhid / Momotheism

. The Supernatural: Fact or Fiction in Islam

. The laws Pertaining to Mosques in Islam

. Marriage Part 1

. Marriage Part 2

. Maintenance & Child Care

. A Comparative Study on Inheritance in Islam (Translated by Abduraghiem Sallie)

. The Book on Talaq – Divorce (Shafi and Hanafi)

. The Decree of the Apostate According to Islamic Law

. Obedience to parents – A desirable Character Trait

. The Hukum (Decree) of Photography in Islam)

. Is it permissible to Pelt the Jamarats after Fajr during the days of Tashriq?

. The evolution of Islamic Legislation

– Abdulkader Tayob

. Religion in Modern Islamic Discourse

. Islam in South Africa: Mosques, Imams, and Sermons

. Islam: A Short Introduction : Signs, Symbols and Values

. Islamic Resurgence in South Africa: The Muslim Youth Movement

. Encyclopedia of Islam & the Muslim World. (Richard C. Martin, Said Amir Arjomand, Marcia Hermansen, and Abdulkader Tayob)

. Religion and Politics in South Africa: From Apartheid to Democracy. Abdulkader Tayob, Edited with Wolfram Weisse (New York: Waxmann Munster, 1999)

. Shembe, Gandhi Und Die Soldaten Gottes: Wurzeln Der Gewaltfreiheit in Sudafrika (Religion and Society in Transition) by Wolfram Weie, Abdulkader Tayob, and Andreas Heuser

. Maintaining Apartheid or Promoting Change?: The Role of the Dutch Reformed Church in a Phase of Increasing Conflict in South Africa (Religion and Society in Transition) by Wolfram Weie and

– A. Tayob

. Islam and the Cultural Accommodation of Social Change. (book reviews): An article from: The Journal of the American Oriental Society

. Hajj Salim Suwari, AL-(C. 1300): An entry from Macmillan Reference USA’s <i>Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World (Digital – 2004)

. Religious Institutions: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA’s Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World (Digital – 2004)

. Yusuf Ali, Abdullah (1872-1953): An entry from Macmillan Reference USA’s <i>Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World (Digital – 2004)

. Human Rights: Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide (Kindle Edition – May 1, 2010)

. Islam in Africa: Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide (Kindle Edition – May 1, 2010)

-Faldela Williams

. The Cape Malay Cookbook

. More Cape Malay Cooking

– M. Zardad (a descendant of Tuan Guru)

. Qur-an Reading for Beginners


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