Cape Malays…

and their Heritage

Research on Cape ‘exiles’ and ‘bandieten’

Posted by tahirfarrath on January 8, 2011

The Indonesian Consul-General, Mr Andradjati with Antonia Malan of the Transcription of Estate Papers at the Cape of Good Hope, SA (TECP) hosted a workshop on 26 January, 2008 in developing strategies to attract community participation in research on the ‘exiles’ and ‘bandieten’ at the Cape.

If you would like to know about your ancestors or have ‘kitaabs’ or information to share, please contact TECP on or 021 650 2358


3 Responses to “Research on Cape ‘exiles’ and ‘bandieten’”

  1. L.S.;

    Like to make contact with people, who claim they are descendants of Indonesian royals. Thank you.

    I am a researcher concerning the principalities of Indonesia and I have many contacts with Indonesian dynasties.
    Thank you.

    Yours sincerelly:
    DP Tick gRMk
    facebook:Donald Tick

  2. Julaigha said

    I want to know more about Badruddin from Aceh Indonesia – a Sultan banished to the Cape was with Callie (ABdol Rauf) Badroedin (Badr Al Din) and Noro Iman (Nurul-Iman) incarcerated on Robben Island – registered in Bandieten Rollen

    please I need help


  3. moegamat gielmie said

    Selamat dari Cape Town. Do you know of the ATKV member, the late Achmat Davids, and his Afrikaans book due to be launch next week 1st July 2011? It is about how Cape Muslims under the tutelage of Sh Aboubaker Effendi (a Turkish linguist Hanafi Islamic scholar who wrote the first Arabic- Afrikaans Islamic book). This led to the acceptance and start of an enduring friendship with the Regter Afrikaners.

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