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Cape Malay Mini Museum – Kuala Lumpur

Posted by tahirfarrath on September 2, 2011

First Anniversary Celebration

Cape Malay Mini Museum was officially open in June 2001 by the President of South Africac Melayu Cultural Society, Mr. Mogamat Hassiem Sallie.

In his opening speech, Mr. Mogamat expressed his gratitude in working together with Dr. Nortier’s Rooibos Museum in making the Cape Malay Mini Museum a reality. On behalf of the Cape Malays, he is assure that by setting up this museum it will be a good place for Malaysians to learn about the Cape Malays whose ancestors were originally from this part of Asian region. According to him, the Cape Malay Mini Museum in Dr. Nortier’s Rooibos Museum is the first Cape Malay Museum outside South Africa.

The colorful events were attended by Selangor Council of Welfare and Social Development’s Hon. Secretary, Pn. Hajjah Khatijah Suleiman, members of the South Africa Melayu Cultural Society and Area Stockist.

In this museum you’ll find artifacts, photos, costumes and literature (knowledge kitab and Qur’an translated to Dutch) from the 17th century that will make you understand more about the background of the Malay people in South Africa.

The museum is open for public daily from Monday to Friday, 10.00am -6.00pm. Admittance is free and we are close on public holiday. Address: 12, Jalan Tukul 16/5, Section 16, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Representatives from Malaysia Book of Records, lead by their Script Writer cum Researcher, Mr.Rakesh Kumar and cameraman, video taped the museum with the theme “The First South Africa Cultural Museum.”


3 Responses to “Cape Malay Mini Museum – Kuala Lumpur”

  1. Jasmina De Vries (nee Hassiem) said

    Salaam. My grandfather is late Imam Hassiem. His father was imam Saibo. His father was thee Imam Abdul Wahab. The first imam to go for gajh from Cape Town. They were all connected to the karamat Sheig Usuf

    • Qiayyum Ernstzen said

      Hi Jasmina

      I too am a great grand child of Imam Saibo. May I ask you where did you get that info on Imam Abdul Wahab. Do u have much other info on that family. Also do you have another way of communicating.

      Qiayyum Ernstzen

  2. ahmad yusof said

    Assalamualaikum, may Allah grant us happiness and wellbeings.

    I am a Malaysian Malay, a Muslim, was very touched to know that the Cape-Malay Museum was opened in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian Capital-city. I only know when I browsed through the internet and want to know more about South Africa – really glad to stumble upon the Cape-Malay issues.

    You know what, I looked at the interesting photos; the people, the houses, the rituals, the silat classes; and of course, the Cape-Malay dishes. Oh the chicken-curry (locally known as ‘kari ayam’), the nasi beryani, the roti “canai’ etc. etc. Yummmy yummy !

    I am bringing my family members to the museum soon – to see more closely at the Cape-Malay way of life – especially that with Malaysian-descendants.

    Terima kasih.


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