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South Africa – Indonesia Joint Stamp Issue

Posted by tahirfarrath on November 1, 2011

South Africa and Indonesia have jointly released a stamp issue marking 300 years of the link between the two countries.

The stamps were officially launched on 15 October in Cape Town and amongst the attendees to the function were the South African Deputy Minister of Communications, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the South African Post Office, the Ambassador and Consul-General of Indonesia to South Africa and the President Director of Indonesia Post.

South Africa and Indonesia have only enjoyed formal diplomatic ties since August 1994, but the link between the two countries stretches back close to three hundred years. The colonisation of Africa and Asia by European powers from the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries led to the enslavement of millions of Afro-Asian peoples, and an international slave trade. This slave trade led to the migration of large numbers of Asian and African people to different parts of the world. It was one such stream of people, most of whom were political exiles or prisoners who had opposed the colonisation of their countries that came to the Cape of Good Hope.

Cape Town – Marking 300 years of relations between Indonesia and South Africa, two countries make joint stamps. One of the stamps launched the figure Sheikh Yusuf Al-Banteni Makassari, known as a national hero by Indonesia and also by the South African Government.

Consul General for Social and Cultural Rights – the Consulate General in Cape Town, South Africa – Erry Kananga says, Significant themes raised within the launch for the stamps is namely, the Three Centuries of Relations Among the cities of Indonesia and South Africa.

“There are five stamps issued by each and every country, and Sheikh Yusuf is one…,” said Erry Kananga from Cape Town, Wednesday (10/19/2011).

Shaykh Yusuf is an essential figure for both parties with the spread of Islam in South Africa. The good scholar from the kingdom of Gowa, South Sulawesi was exiled by the Dutch to the Cape of Good Hope (Cape Town) in the 16th-century who then became the first spreaders of Islam in South Africa.

The launch of the stamp was officially represented by the Ambassador to South Africa, Sjahril Sabaruddin, whilst the South African side was represented by Deputy Minister of Communications, Kopeng Obed Bapela. The inauguration marked the unveiling of stamps jointly at the Crystal Tower Hotel & Spa, Cape Town on Saturday (15/10).

Every country publishes 5 stamp designs. Indonesia issued a design of Sheikh Yusuf, Museum of Balla Lompoa South Sulawesi, South Sulawesi Pakarena from Tilanga and Sandals Geulis together with musical instruments Tifa from Papua. While South Africa presented stamps of Sheikh Yusuf, Bo-Kaap Museum, Ghoema drums, Bo-Kaap art and Cape Minstrel group.

The launch of this joint stamp presentation was attended by a few officials from each government that included the Consul General in Cape Town, Sugie Harijadi, officials from South Africa Post Office (Sapo) and officials of PT Pos Indonesia.

See Stamps at:

(Shukran to Kammie!)



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