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Auckland City Dukes – The New Zealand Kiwi klopse

Posted by tahirfarrath on December 5, 2011

A multi-ethnic group of New Zealanders, taking their cue from the Cape Town tradition, have started their own “Cape Coon troupe”, calling themselves the “Auckland City Dukes”. Wearing modified minstrel attire and modified blackface similar to that of their Cape Town counterparts, the Dukes participate in the annual Cape Town Minstrel Carnival and enthusiastically embrace the “coon” moniker.

The  Auckland City Dukes, performing for Unity in Diversity, produced a CD, Tribute to the Springboks, with 4 rugby theme songs, as a fundraiser, and so far, they have established themselves on self funding. However, for the Queen Street March on New Year’s Eve Saturday 31 December, as part of the official launch, they are sponsored by the Dark Horse University to represent the Afrikaans, the English and the Coloured Southern African communities of Kiwiland – attracting about 24 000 people from all over Auckland.

Cape Malay, Ruthewaan Waggie is the CEO of the Auckland City Dukes project and Osman Abrahams the Musical Director ably assisted by Norman Murray, an exceptional solo singer, who has worked with Ruthewaan for ten years. Another key person is Brassband Director and Saxophonist Mr David Sigarmoney. In fact, Sigarmoney started the first ‘Klopse’ way back in Durban, South Africa. Their entire minstrel group consists of talented singers and entertainers: Clive Rinquest, Chris Lakey, Derick Wallace, Coby, Henry Goedverwacht, Treleuw Cloete, Cameron February, Riedewaan Ryklief, Riyaad Eksteen, Wayne Scullard, Julius Kirchner, Nazeem Smith, Jerome Pretorius, Joel, Stan Duarte and Allan Windvogel. Their youth section is headed by Muneep Abrahams, Kurt Murray, Rubin Murray and Clyde Lakey, who have the role of ensuring that the Dukes stay focussed on the local youth.

Susanna Kruger and her Kiwi husband Erin Ketel gave them the opportunity to promote the joy of living in a multi-cultural New Zealand.


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5 Responses to “Auckland City Dukes – The New Zealand Kiwi klopse”

  1. mogammet fazloodien said

    Mr waggie and oessie keep it up guys send me a copy of cd . Salaam to the family. I am still active in community.

  2. R. Waggie said

    Hey !!! Gamat, where have you been ? i’ve been trying to contact you for the last few years !! i don’t have your tel number. Here’s my tel numbers :
    (h) 0064-9-4413024
    Mobile 0064-21-1152581

    • Waggie, Schoeman here. How are things going in New Zealand?
      I hope, I did not give you a heart-attack.

      • Riedewaan Waggie said

        Hi Schoeman. Whow !!! This is a huge pleasant surprise !! How are you doing ? How’s your family and your mom ? Things are ok with myself and the rest of the family. All my girls are all adult women now ! Man, how time has moved ! I’ve got three grand-kids. There’s one boy ! Guest what, he’s playing rugby !! I’m involved with the grand-kids, family and just sucking in what life has to offer this side of the world !! There’s obviously so much to scat about ! Yes, Cape Town is VERY MUCH close to my heart and my SPECIAL PLACE !!! Forward to me all your contact details etc. Gamat is a very very good “soul” mate and buddy of mine !!

        Schoeman, i’d like to know more about you and your family. Convey my regards and well-wishers to your wife and the rest of your family as well as the entire THISTLE TRIBE !! I’ll probably see you all within the next few months (end of next year, instead of this year, as i originally planned ) Tell Gamat, i’ll call him within the next few days !!

        mobile 0064-21-1152581
        (h) 0064-9-4413024

  3. Yusuf VIS Diedericks said

    Salaam Boeta Waggie
    Happy New Year to you & the family,hope all is well in NZ
    try to mail you on the mail ad you gave me the last time in the gym,but to no avail
    glad to hear you are good and well
    and good luck to your Klopse team,when I saw some Super rugby games I see the klopse on the stadium in NZ
    keep up the good work,and send me your mail ad Kanallah..

    and the guys here say I must send my regards,and Aunty Tiefa too


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