Cape Malays…

and their Heritage

Silat Warriors of Cape Town

Posted by tahirfarrath on January 17, 2012

M. Toyer Farrath with Silat Instructors Faheem Jackson (left) and Hilmy Hartley (right) at the Al-Jaami’ah Masjid Centre, Claremont.

Guru Hilmy Hartley practising with trainees in the gelanggang (court circle/arena)

Hafidh Faheem Jackson demonstrating a Jurus at the Al-Jaami’ah Qur-aan and Seni Silat Academy, Cape Town

Standing from left:  a practitioner, Guru Toyer Farrath and Tuan Hilmy.

Front from left: Muneeb Solomons and Ebraheem Bester

Children’s classes at the Goodwood Masjid facility over the 2011 December Holidays

SA Persilat trainees, Reza Hassan and his sister Farahnaaz, return from Jakarta on 12/01/2012

Gielmie (Hilmy) Hartley (7th from left) was invited to the September 2011 Kongres Antarabangsa Bahasa dan Budaya in Brunei

Mogamat Gielmie Hartley (2nd left) at the Kongres Dinner. As a gift, he received a 3000 page Malay dictionary (5kg in weight)


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