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Boeka Treats going Digital

Posted by tahirfarrath on August 5, 2012

The first issue of Boeka Treats was launched during the Ramadaan of 1999 as a celebration of Cape Muslim cuisine. Boorhanol Islam Movement, the organisation that produces the Boeka Treats, had been publishing the Taraweeg Survey since 1988. This useful book details the activities of all the mosques particularly during Ramadaan as well as other essential information. In order to boost sales of this handy guide, it was decided to package the Taraweeg Survey with a recipe book. A recipe book that would contain mainly recipes of treats traditionally made for the time the muslim breaks his fast or “Boeka time”. Hence the name Boeka Treats.

Such a combo pack of Taraweeg survey and Boeka Treats proved to be an instant success and more than 20 000 copies of Boeka Treats were sold in that year. Since then, a further 10 editions were produced and published as a package together with the Taraweeg Survey, which later became the Companion, and sold at mosques and many participating outlets in Cape Town.

The Boeka Treats team developed a unique DVD (Delicious Visual Demonstrations). This DVD is completely interactive and can be played on any dvd machine or computer. It contains 10 video demonstrations, a step by step guide of the popular recipes as well as a further 30 previously published recipes. You can also view the pictures of the 340 recipes published as well as the edition and pages in which they appear.

Boeka Treats became so popular because the recipes were sourced from “that aunty who made the best koeksiester in the community”, then tried and tested until it was considered “flop proof”. These recipe books were also made very affordable. For example, this year’s package include a bumper 264 page Companion book, an interactive Boeka Treats DVD as well as a CD of Surah Yaseen (chapter of the quran) by renowned reciter Sheikh Ismail Londt….all this for only R70.

With over 340 recipes it is impossible to choose 5 popular recipes as some may prefer sweet while others prefer savoury. It was for this reason that we produced a series of 4 editions, Soups and Savouries; Breads, Cakes & Biscuits; Foods; Desserts. There are many healthy recipes that have been included over the years, but the aim was to provide healthy substitution tips as well as encouraging smarter eating habits.

It is difficult to estimate how many Boeka Treats were sold over the last 12 years, but we do expect to sell over 10 000 when this package was launched on the 20th July and even more during the rest of the year.


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5 Responses to “Boeka Treats going Digital”

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  2. Naadirah Abader said

    Aslm I would like to order a digital copy? How can i go about doing this. My e-mail adres is
    Kindly let me know asap. Shukran >

    naadirah abader- port elizabeth

  3. Shameemah Abrahams said

    Slm, would like to order a digital copy, pls forward me details as to how i can do so.

  4. Narriman Davids said

    Looking for list of latest boeka treats suppliers

  5. penny said

    Where can i find the bumper 264 page Companion book, an interactive Boeka Treats DVD as well as a CD of Surah Yaseen (chapter of the quran) by renowned reciter Sheikh Ismail Londt….all this for only R70. I use to buy it from someone at work they have relocated?

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