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Indonesia International Leadership Camp: Jakarta – Dec, 2012

Posted by tahirfarrath on November 3, 2012

The Azhar Youth Leadership Institute (AYLI) in Jakarta will once again host the annual Indonesian International Leadership Camp. The 40 day event will take place from 1st Dec 2012 – 10th January 2013, Insha-Allah.

Capetonian Youth between the ages of 16 – 23 can apply. All you need is your airfare and your own spending money. Accommodation, transport, tours, activities and even food will be provided for and sponsored by the AYLI. It’s an event not to be missed.

This year, one of Pukulan Melaka South Africa Silat students will be journeying off to Indonesia to be part of this great event. The program includes many beneficial learning programs, such as Silat training, Qiraa’ah, business skills, and much more. Contact AYLI directly on their website and complete the application form. You will need a valid passport that should be scanned and emailed to the contact at the following website


Indonesia International leadership Camp 2012 is the 40 days quarantine programs which consist of the interesting and inspiring activities who will be the next future leader. Being A Leader needs many skills such as leadership, communication, management-strategic and other skills of leader. All those skills will you get in Indonesia International leadership Camp 2012 which contains exciting, fun ,andfull of knowledge activities also unforgettable experience. So, prepare for all Islamic youth all around the world by joining the Indonesia International Leadership Camp 2012 and be youth Moslem who will change the future world. Here are several materials that you will get in IILC.

Leadership Learning

Who is the leader? What is leadership? How to lead? As the next world future leader, you should know who leader is and what does leadership means. In this IILC 2012 you will know the identity of a leader and how to lead. The teachers who master in the leadership field will guide you and teach you how to lead through learning in class and daily practice.

Management-Strategic Learning

Leader has him/her own purposes (mission and vision) which will be achieved together with his/her member. The achievements of this goal will be done by designing management strategic, then implement it. One of the management strategic which is widespread all around the world is balanced scored card. AYLI (Alazhar Youth Leader Institute) uses this system to achieve the mission and the vision. In IILC 2012 you will learn what balanced scored card is, and how to formulate it.

Communication Technic Learning

There is a proverb says, “A man could rule the world through the words”. From that proverb, we know the power of communication can influence others to do what we want. Do not ever hesitate to follow this event, because you will be taught about the techniques of communicating, not only the theory but also practice. And prepare yourself to rule the world!

The Entrepreneurial learning

AYLI’s members are required to be independent. This independence is realized with the entrepreneurial activity. In IILC you will not only get the theories about entrepreneurship, but also you will practice the activity of entrepreneurial on the field. We expect that, IILC participants will not only be independent with their own business, but also will become a successful entrepreneur in the future. And prepare to be a rich man!

Entrepreneur is one great activity to train our leadership ability. Ranging from planning, setting up, implementation, and control, which all managerials parts are apply. In addition, the product marketing function is to train our communication skills. Yes, we are going to learn to be an entrepreneur. Do not hope you will study a wide range of entrepreneurial theory. We will direct practice it in the field! You feel challenging? Of course!

Islamic Religion Learning

Being skillfull leader is not enough, we need basic religion. Islam as comprehensive religion sets all lines of human life. Islam also arranges how to fulfill the responsibilities and do the leadership. By IILC 2012, the participants will be given the commentaries from the Quran and As Sunnah as source that become the basis for a leader. This reminds us, that being a leader has the responsibility of the world and also the hereafter. Through this event, we expect to be the rise momentum of Islam, through the youth in the all over world.

Practicing Pencak Silat

Pencak silat is characteristic martial art in Indonesia. In Pencak Silat, there are a lot of values that teach philosophy at the subtlety of manners in courage. It should be owned by every leader. In IILC, you will learn Pencak Silat, so we hope all of you not only can become an intelligent leader, but also become physically strong leaders, gentle in manners and brave in action.

The Art of Reading the Qur’an (Qira’ah)

AYLI has competent Qiroah teachers. One of these teachers is the Qoriat the national level. Through Qiroah, participants will learn the art of reading the Qur’an. So this program will emerge their interest in Qur`an.

Cultural Arts Night

Each Country thus has the art of their respective cultures. Even one country may have the different cultures in provinces. InIILC 2012, the participants will perform the art from their country. So each participant will know each other’s culture of many countries. (Q. S Al Hujurat: 13)


Do you think IILC 2012 consists of some bored learning in class only? Of course not! Each week we will visit some interesting places in Indonesia (Jakarta & West Java). The places that will be visited include the museum, Mosque/Islamic historical places, tourism, industry, media`s office, communities (kampong) and agricultural land. So let’s fell the sensation of living in Indonesia.

Bahasa Indonesia

Last but not least, we do not forget to introduce Bahasa. The language that becomes a unifying language of hundreds of local languages spread over 17,000 islands in Indonesia. “SEE YOU IN INDONESIA”.


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