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Heritage Day Marked

Posted by tahirfarrath on November 7, 2013

23 September 2013

The heritage of Muslims in South Africa was celebrated at a special event organised by the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) on national Heritage Day on Tuesday. The MJC teamed up with the Sandvlei Muslim Jamah and Awqaf SA to host the programme at the Sandvlei Kramat on Tuesday. The programme focused on the Kramat and the people that played a pivotal role in acquiring the land for the community.

There was a focus on educating the youth to the contributions and sacrifices made by the community, to preserve Islam during the apartheid era. “Our invitation is towards the broader community. We want young and old to come out towards the Sandvlei area and attend this vibrant programme,” said MJC secretary general Maulana Abdul-Khaliq Allie.

The focal point of the programme saw elders in the Sandvlei community, undertake in a panel discussion about some of the lessons they have learnt from their seniors and to relate their own stories. “Part of it will be one of the elders speaking about the history itself, about the development of the community and about the father figure, Khamis Daries, who passed away on his way to haj. Prior to that, he had played a pivotal role in the Claremont area with his family, and then also when they relocated to the Sandvlei area. He made sure that he left his footprint and that will be related tomorrow,” he said.

Allie said it was vital for Muslims to celebrate Heritage Day by honouring those who fought for Islam in the country. He said it was essential for the current and future generations to understand very clearly and identify with all South Africans, and to celebrate their heritage in line with the suffering and torture of all South Africans.

“We must be able to acknowledge the fact that our Islamic heritage and our contributions to liberation are very significant. Our elders, they suffered two colonial forces, the British and the Dutch. Islam was a banned religion. We can recall so much suffering and pain by our predecessors,” he said. He urged the community to celebrate Heritage Day, and preserve the countries rich legacy for future generations.

“When our children look at our achievements today, it must be appreciated because it was hard fought,” he said. The programme began at 10am with a Khatam al-Quran, followed by a 45 minute panel discussion from 11am. The MJC was then joined by ITV at 12pm.

Just after 12pm on Tuesday, Open Lines took a look at what Heritage Day meant to VOC listeners. VOC (Mubeen Banderker)


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