Cape Malays…

and their Heritage


Approaching the cross-cultural divide to find one’s identity in the cultural pot.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Tahir Farrath said

    It’s about knowing and acknowledging your history. A denial of one’s history is a denial of one’s being. And until you know yourself well, will you be able to really understand others.

    Click on the following to get some idea of my background:

    And to put a face to it, click on the link below:

  2. Reeffaard Malick said

    A curious question

    I live in Cape Town , but I have noticed that your website does not display any of the “Couloured” areas, or even the “Shafee” Masaajied in the Gauteng Area lists-

    ANY reason ?

  3. tahirfarrath said

    We’d be keen to see these included from the “Coloured” areas along with the Shaafi’i Masaajid. Can you please submit the relevant details?

  4. haruni said

    Salam brother,

    How can I contact you? I’m searching for Shafi’i fiqh books in Afrikaans.

    Take care wa salam,

    Harun al-Hollandi

  5. Salaams thank you so much for this website. I am looking for information about a mosque that would have been in existence to service the Muslim population in Malay Location Johannesburg (Pageview) around 1880 and a bit earlier. I am in search of Nikkah records for the period 1880-1883. Is there any way you can help me in this regard? I am trying to find our people. Any help or leads you may be able to give me will be highly appreciated.

    • moeagamat said

      Johannesburg came into existence after gold was discovered in about 1886, leading to an influx of migrants. The first masjied ‘Kerk Street Mosque was established in about 1906. There are two masaajied in the Pageview area – 17th street and 23rd street mosque, they were established well after 1920

  6. tahirfarrath said

    Wa ‘alaykum-us-Salaam Mariam, I wonder if the Bosmont Masjid might be able to help you. Please update us. Was Salaam.

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